Robert M. Shelby Poet
Photo by Dr. Mervyn Silverman, early 2008. Robert at Open Mic, Valona Deli, Crockett
Robert M. Shelby quote
Photo by Ronna Leon, June 2008 in Atrium
at Benicia City Hall.
Robert M. Shelby reading
Portrait 2007 by Ronna Leon, Benicia Library.
Robert M. Shelby on Memorial Day 2007
Vallejo Times' photo, Memorial Day, 2006, Robert
after reading at Old Army Cemetery.

Books by R.M.S.

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(Available in Benicia Library)

Contributions and productions:

From 1970 to this year, I gave poems to biennial anthologies of the Ina Coolbrith Circle (formerly of San Francisco, now of Orinda, CA.) I gave aid, poems & introductions to anthologies 2 & 3 of The Alameda Poets. I designed, edited & introduced their 4th anthology, LOOKINGS & LISTENINGS, 1982, producing it up to “camera-ready” condition, and gave poems to the 5th & 6th anthologies. In 1980, I did layout & paste-up for J. F. Kennedy University’s TUNNEL ROAD 2. It took two of my poems. Two poems of mine are included in the SPC Series’ SOMETIMES IN THE OPEN, an anthology of Poems from all California’s Poets Laureate to that date, edited by Bob Stanley, 2009, Sacramento Poetry Center Press (No ISBN.)

For my eighteen year lifemate, the late Betty Siegel, 1916 to 2005, I produced her collection, A RED ROSE FOR WINTER, 2002, and then BETTY SIEGEL’S POEMS OF HUMOR & WHIMSY, 2003. (No ISBNs.) “The Benicia Studio” was a fictitious publishing name which I dropped after her books and my first two appeared, for likeness to a wholly different, local business.

Books or chapbooks I wrote:

WOMAN IN A WHITE CAP, 2003, The Benicia Studio. 2004 revision, Southampton House. Poems about my second wife and her death, written in spring, 1984. Cover printed by Small Poetry Press, Pleasant Hill, CA. Bodies printed & bound by Kinko’s, Vallejo. (No ISBN.)

THE THOUSAND STORY PAGODA, 2003, The Benicia Studio, illustrated by the late Carolyne J. Shelby, R.N. Printed & bound by Kinko’s, Redwood Center, Vallejo, in three small runs, total 18 copies for friends & family to hold or critique. Revised for public edition scheduled to late 2009. (No ISBN.)

LEAVES AWAY, 2004 & 2005, Southampton House. Cover design & book printed by David Alpaugh, Small Poetry Press. A first selection, 81 poems 1957-2003; Introduction & Epilogue. (No ISBN.)

QUICK AMERICANA, 2005, Southampton House. 1/4-page size. Haiku, quatrain and a six-line sequences. (No ISBN.)

THE INVISIBLE RIDER IN BRIGHT AMOR (&) THE CREATION ACCORDING TO CREATION, Southampton House, 2005. Two books facing away from each other, combined in one “flip book”, center stapled. (No ISBN’s)

QUICK ORIENTALIA, 2006, Southampton House. 1/4-page size, with haiku plus 4-liners based on Tang Dynasty poems. (No ISBN.)

FOUR UNDELIVERED SPEECHES, 2006, Southampton House. Designed as speeches, not essays. (No ISBN.)

FALLING DOWN DOGS BOUNCING UP CATS (with a few birds) 2006, Southampton House. Mostly humorous poems with a brief “Mid-word” essay. (No ISBN.)

FLYING APPLES, FALLING PARASOLS, 2007, Southampton House. A 2nd selection, poems early & late. ISBN 978-0-9801403-0-9

MUSIC FROM THE BONES, 2008, Southampton House, a 3rd pick, poems on prehistoric/historic topics. ISBN 978-0-9801403-1-6

RICE IN THE COUNTRY (with) Notes From The Son Of A Bench, 2008, Southampton House, 4th selection. ISBN 978-0-9801403-3-0

LIVES AWRY (&) Dead Horse Kickings, 2008, Southampton House; 5th selection of poems, early to recent. ISBN 978-0-9801403-2-3

Books Projected:

An anthology for Benicia poets for August, 2009, sponsored by Benicia Public Library and Benicia Historical Museum, to contain winners from the annual Love Poem contest and other poems, co-produced by Joel Fallon’s “Samizdat Press” & my “Southampton House.” (With ISBN.)

HARMONIKON, containing ISLANDS IN MOTION, the 6th & 7th selections of early to recent poems. 2009? (With ISBN.)

SHORT TAKES (On Poetry & Mentality) & HARD LOOKS (At Rhetoric, Politics, Religion & Spirituality) 2009 and/or 2010. One or two small books of prose essays, some of which will appear on this website and other blogs or online publications. (With ISBN.)

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